Transitional Living Classes

  • Living Skills Assessment

  • Job Readiness and Job Seeking Skills

  • Training in Cooking and Shopping, Legal Rights, Money Management, Domestics, Health and Safety, and the use of Community  Resources

  • Housing Placement and Follow-Along

  • Individual Counseling

  • Social Skills and Assertiveness Classes

Residential Services

(Living Center)

The Living Center is EDC's structured, transitional residential unit. The program is an accessible 20-bed dormitory-style facility featuring a large living area, large kitchen, and recreation room.

The objective of the Living Center is to provide recreation and socialization to a heterogeneous group of young adults with disabilities who are learning to live independently in the community through a variety of physical, social, and cultural activities. Residents are at least 18 years old, have a severe disability, can maintain self care or arrange for the care of their own personal needs, and are likely to be capable of living on their own within approximately six months.

Residential Services (may include):

  • Acquiring and using Independent Living Skills

  • Preparation for Employment

  • Social Skills

  • Laundry Maintenance

  • Meal Planning and Preparation Skills

  • Budgeting Skills

  • Home Maintenance Skills