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After High School

Many people with ASD pursue higher education, earning degrees and practicing the skills they will need for adult life. Some colleges provide resources to students with special needs, and there are also programs available that offer social, academic, career and life skills supports necessary for post secondary success. Learning what resources and supports a school offers is an important step in choosing which college to attend. For information about one such program.


College students with autism thrive with the right supports!



And how the College Internship Program is helping students succeed.

At some point, the time likely will come to find a job for the young adult that provides income, a social experience and fulfilling work. This transition is a difficult one that requires much effort on the part of the individual and his or her loved ones. Chances are that the person with autism will eventually switch jobs or careers at least a few times during his or her lifetime, which involves acclimating to a new work environment and new people. Though challenging, these times are extremely rewarding.

                        about job transitions for people with Asperger’s syndrome.

Adapting to changes is an attainable goal for a person who is supported by family, friends and the community at large. Like anyone else, a person with autism needs assistance and encouragement to achieve his or her ambitions and attain a productive and comfortable life.