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Family Support

Autism Society of Southern Illinois promotes individual choices and self-determination for those living with autism by providing supportive programs designed to help maximize opportunities and quality of life.


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The Autism Society of Southern is active in the Illinois legislature and advocates on behalf of Illinoisans living with Autism. We work with legislators, their staff and state agencies to identify and magnify key policy issues that impact children and adults with Autism. Autism Society of Southern Illinois board members also serve on the Illinois Council of Developmental Disabilities and Illinois Autism Taskforce. We are committed to keeping the Autism community up-to-date on what’s going on in Illinois and at the Federal level.

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The Autism Society is committed to educating people about Autism and various interventions.  In addition to families who live with Autism every day, we also work to help members of the community understand the disorder.  We can send written material on a wide variety of Autism-related topics and, with enough lead time, provide speakers.  We also make a point to inform our constituents about trainings, workshops, and presentations around the region.  As resources allow, we sponsor educational programs and offer scholarships so that parents can attend conferences.  We are always looking for ways to collaborate on educational initiatives.


We offer family fun days through out the year.  These are fun days that allow us to be with other autism families and have some fun and meet other families in our area.The Autism Society of Southern Illinois offers recreational opportunities for families and adults with Autism. We also have events such as seasonal Sensitive Santa, AMC Sensory-Friendly Films. Some of our other special events during the year have included  Baseball outings, water park outings.

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The Autism Society of Southern Illinois  supports individuals online through Facebook, email groups, Meetup, and virtual or face-to-face support meetings and social groups around Southern Illinois. Regardless of the setting, these opportunities give individuals with Autism, parents/caregivers, and professionals, the chance to exchange information, share stories, and feel connected.

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