Law Enforcement Training


We provide free training to law enforcement and 1st responders on helpful ways to respond to a person with autism and provide helpful communication tools to assist them.


Autism Swim Lessons

Drowning is the #1 cause of death for autism.  Mostly due from wandering accidental drowning.  We are providing lessons with partners around Southern Illinois at no cost.

Equine Therapy

Children with autism  benefit from equine therapy due to the motor, emotional, and sensory sensations that come with riding a horse.   We have partnered with Giant City Stables and offer a limited number of scholarships for our families. 

Family Fun Days

We offer family fun days through out the year.  These are fun days that allow us to be with other autism families and have some fun and meet other families in our area.

Buddy Baseball

A chance to play a sport, to promote physical activity and dexterity, and to feel like other children who play the game. It is open to all area children with disabilities who wish to participate.


  • Physical Activity

  • Socialization

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Opportunity to mainstream into other divisions of play

  • Opportunity to learn the fundamentals of baseball including teamwork and sportsmanship

  • Acceptance as an athlete rather than a child with a disability

Sensitive Santa

We provide a sensory friendly environment that allows children to meet Santa one on one and to take their time and capture a photo for the parents.